The Clark



Hey there! Hannah here to tell you a little bit about myself along with my husband, Kenny, and our 3 daughters! We are a Southern California couple who fell in love as high school sweethearts. We both love dogs so, naturally, before we had kids, we adopted a puppy! I am very allergic to dogs so it was important that we find a puppy that I could love on without itching or sneezing. Fast forward, years later, our first dog had passed away and now having kids, we wanted another dog, but it had to be hypoallergenic and family friendly. After lots of research, we discovered Goldendoodles and haven't looked back since. Our daughters adore all our dogs and love playing

with them everyday. Because we love our dogs so much, we are excited to breed them and share them with you! We are an F2B (the most hypoallergenic breed of doodle) Goldendoodle breeder. Jack, Maggie, and Jill are so special to us and are a part of our family! Please come by to meet our latest litter of puppies, give them some snuggles, and fall in love! They are waiting for their forever homes!